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Dark Souls Board Game Player Character Expansion

Looking for a never before seen way to play dark souls? Look no further than the board game expansion dark souls board game wave 3 character expansion. This expansion features new characters for the game and a fresh new set of challenges for you to face. Get ready to journey through the game new and old!

Dark Souls: Character Expansion

Dark Souls: Character Expansion

By Steamforged Games


Best Dark Souls Board Game Player Character Expansion

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Dark Souls Board Game Player Character Expansion Walmart

This set includes: -A dark souls board game character -2 new levels - hrs. Of play time -The new levels give you more opportunities to challenge yourself -Sealed new! This expansion set includes the following characters: thelight one, the dragon, and a new character named: battlegrounds. The dark souls board game is a game that has spawned a lot of imitators over the years. But no matter how often it is played, only one player will ever win. The challenge for this player is to control their game and prevent the other players from winning. This expansion for the dark souls game is filled with new and freshly designed characters for you to battle with in the upcoming game. This expansion is new and improved for account holders in the series, making for a more fun and engaging gaming experience.