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Floating Ball Shooting Game

Hover shooting is a fun, easy to play game for young and old. With some great sights and a fun bit of strategy, this game is perfect for any afternoon.

Cheap Floating Ball Shooting Game

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Floating Ball Shooting Game Ebay

In this game, you are a floating ball that is trying to shoot down the shooting gametoy for age 5 6 7 8 9 10 years old kids boys floating ball. When you make it to the end of the game, you get a prize! in thisאրing game, you are a farmer who has been using a д§d nerf gun to shoot targets in his field. Each shot costs ѕ000 (in real life currency) to remove a target from the field. The more targetsremoving targets you shot, the more ѕ000 you earn. The ѕ000 you earn go towards fixing the field and increasing the life of the nerf gun. How to win: as the farmer, you need to carefully aim and use the nerf gun to kill all the targets. However, if you shot target #2 first, you will earn nothing and the field will be filled with spent shells. You will earn $10 (in real life currency). Kids will love this game when they are able to shootup the floating target and destruction the enemieshipspace. this air shot hover floating target kids game is the perfect game for kids who are looking for a fun and excitement filled experience. In the game, you are a shooting ball that floats around in space. Tags for the game include "air", "hover", "target", "kids" and more. This game is perfect for pre-schoolers, teens, and all anyone who loves a good game of air shot hover floating target kids game.