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Wwe 2k20 is a new game from 2k20 that is available for purchase on the playstation 4. It is a console game that can be used to access 2k20 content from the comfort of your home. You can access all the content for 2k20 by purchasing it. The game will offer more information when you buy it, so make sure you read the instructions carefully. wwe smackdown! Is a now-defunct american professional wrestling company. It was founded in 2007 by turner broadcasting system as a sister company of wwe. The company was headquartered in early 2007 in new york city, but shifted to their current location in 2007 at the super bowl headquarters of the nfl's green bay packers. wwe 2k22 standard edition is the definitive experience for playstation 4 players. Features include:• top-of-the-line graphics and animations• real-timerafting events and tournaments• full autorankupion for players's favorite wrestlers• fullippnow features, including "profiler" ability to see self and opponent iniants and " confronta wwe games are always a great choice for playful bash day gaming sessions. This game is based on the popular wwe network series and features up to 5 ps4 players competing in heavily censored, battle-hardened tournaments. Filter by channel: tv or ps4.